About Cambridgshire

Cambridgeshire is a landlocked Ceremonial County in the East Anglia region of England. The biggest city in Cambridgeshire is Peterborough, while the county town is Cambridge.


While technically part of Cambridgeshire, the City of Peterborough has been administered as a seperate unitary authority since 1998. It is associated with Cambridgeshire for functions such as policing and fire services, as well as for ceremonial purposes like Lieutenancy.

Cambridgeshire flag, England, waving in the wind, sky and sun background. 3d rendering.

By the numbers

Cambridgeshire is 3,389 square km in area, and has a population of 894,522 (including Peterborough).


Cambridgshire features three important rivers, the River Nene, the River Great Ouse, and the River Cam, a tributary of the River Great Ouse that flows through Cambridge.


In the north and in the east of the county are the Fens, a flat marshland that has been drained and is now largely farmland. Holme Fen is the United Kingdom's lowest point, 9 feet below sea level.

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